Friday, October 23, 2009

Scholarship and Educational Grants for students AND The Pikake Fund

Some of the opportunities listed below are open to students only, but be sure to check out the websites for details. Please feel free to pass this information along to anyone that may be interested.

Do Something Grants: Did you recently create a sustainable community action project, program or organization? Would $500 help further the growth and success of your program? If you answered, "YES!" you are eligible to apply for a Plum Youth Grant. Plum grants are awarded weekly on a rolling basis. Applications can be submitted every two months.

Apprentice Ecologist Initiative Grant:
The Apprentice Ecologist Initiative has engaged many young people to participate in environmental conservation and cleanup projects over the past decade. It is a two-part award.  First, teens lead a project, such as a clean-up of a natural area or a tree-planting project.  Then photos of the experience are uploaded to the Nicodemus Wilderness Project Web site.  The final component of the competition is to submit an essay about the project experience. A $500 educational scholarship, as well as several runner-up prizes, are awarded annually to the author of the top Apprentice Ecologist essay.

President’s Environmental Youth Awards: Since 1971, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has annually sponsored the President’s Environmental Youth Awards. The awards program recognizes forward-thinking youth with outstanding ideas about the environment and how to sustain it. All applicants receive a signed certificate by the President honoring them for their efforts. Regional winners receive a presidential plaque as well as an invitation to an EPA-sponsored ceremony in Washington, D.C. The competition is open to K-12 youth in all 50 states and the U.S. territories with an adult sponsor.

Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Awards: Do you think you have an idea that could impact the field of renewable energy? The Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Awards challenges teams of high school students to create innovative products for use in various fields of science and technology, including lunar exploration, personal spaceflight and renewable energy. Teams vie for more than $100,000 in cash prizes and the opportunity to commercialize their products for general market use.

Action for Nature Eco-Hero awards: To recognize the outstanding accomplishments of environmentally minded young people, Action for Nature will present cash prizes of up to $500 to young Eco-Heroes for their environmental successes. Applicants ages 16 or under are eligible to apply. Winners will receive both a cash prize up to $500, and public recognition through Action for Nature’s public relations department. Application deadline is February 28, 2010.

Canon Envirothon Competition: The Canon Envirothon – North America’s largest high school environmental competition – is an annual youth environmental competition taking place over five days during the summer (August 1-7, 2010). Teams must demonstrate their knowledge of environmental science and natural resource management at five training/testing stations.

Volvo Adventure and United Nations Environment Program Competition:
Volvo Adventure, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program, recognizes and rewards students’ environmental activities. Finalists receive a trip to Sweden for the final judging and awards ceremony. Three prizes are awarded, including a grand prize of $10,000. To enter the competition students, must form a team of two to five members between 13 and 16 years of age plus one adult team leader. Teams plan and perform an environmental project and submit the finished project for judging. Submission deadline is January 31, 2011.

The above competition information comes from High School students interested in keeping up with conservation news, including contests, awards, and scholarship info can check it out here

Are you a film maker interested in conservation issues? This next grant may be just the thing you've been looking for: The Hawaii Community Foundation presents: The Pikake Fund; a grant given for film and video projects about environmental protection.


The Pikake Fund provides support for film or video projects about environmental protection efforts. It is a small fund that only makes grants in even years, (i.e., 2008, 2010 etc.) Usually, no more than $18,000 is available for grant-making in any of these years. There are no set deadlines, and inquiries may be made or proposals submitted after January 31st of any grant-making year (i.e., 2006, 2008, 2010). This year's grant cycle begins January 31, 2010.


 The Fund is interested in supporting film or video projects that describe:
•  conservation work that positively impacts the health of terrestrial or nearshore marine ecosystems,
•  community-led projects or programs that demonstrate broad community involvement in the stewardship of natural resources, AND
•  projects that integrate natural resource protection with Hawaiian cultural practices and traditions.

Preference will be given to projects that:

1.  Can demonstrate that the proposed film/video will be of high quality, through either a rough cut, or sample of the videographer’s past work.
2.  Can demonstrate the need for this film/video, and how it will be used in the community.
3.  Have a clear distribution plan describing how the film/video will be accessed by its target
audience and/or the larger community.
4.  Include more than one funding source.

If you are interested in finding out more, or applying for this grant for the 2010 grant cycle, visit the Hawaii Community Foundation grant info page.

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