Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Na Ala Hele Trail and Access System - "Trails To Go On"

Looking for trail information and hiking tips? Check out the Na Ala Hele Trail and Access System website for all the info you'll need to plan an enjoyable and safe hiking experience.

Manoa Falls trail, Oahu

Na Ala Hele provides information about trials and access on all of the major islands, including a basic location map, trail length, difficulty, warnings and trail advisories. Some Na Ala Hele trails even have signs along the way that will tell you about the area or plants nearby.

Interpretive signs have been added to some Na Ala Hele trails.

Want to go on a beginner level adventure on Maui? Try the Keanae Arboretum Walk
How about something a little more difficult on Kauai. Why not check out the Waimea Canyon Trail
Want to find an easy trail where you can see native plants on Big Island? The Puu Huluhulu trail may be the one you're looking for.

When planning your next hiking trip, visit the Na Ala Hele website to find additional info and resources. As always, when you're planning on spending time in unfamiliar places, make sure you are prepared and informed: heed any and all warnings posted on the Na Ala Hele website as well as at the trailhead of your intended hiking location. 

Be smart, do your research, be prepared, and have fun!

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