Monday, June 1, 2009

Celebrate National Trails Day Saturday June 6th

The Manoa Falls Trail is a favorite of many on Oahu. It's a great way to get out of the city, breathe some fresh air, and be surrounded by lush green plants and trees as you hike towards the falls.

If you're a fan of the show "Lost" you may even recognize some places along the trail. The area leading up to the falls has been used in the past as a filming location.

The well-maintained Manoa Falls Trail
Photo: C. Tucker

If you are planning a trip to Manoa Falls, make sure you read the warnings and advisories for the trail, maintain trail etiquette and heed warnings along the trail.

The following trail information is taken from the Na Ala Hele website (

Na Ala Hele is the State of Hawaii Trail and Access Program and is administered by DOFAW.

Keep an eye out for HUGE banyan trees along the trail.
Photo: C. Tucker

"The beginning of the trail crosses over a footbridge and then crosses a small stream through a grove of Eucalyptus trees. The 0.8 mile trail gradually ascends through a lush rainforest ending at a viewing area set back from the base of the falls."

A sneak peek at Manoa Falls from the trail.
Photo: C. Tucker

"There is a low rock wall and suspended cable with signs indicating the danger of landslide (one occurred in Jan '02) and instructing hikers to not go beyond that point. Signs are posted informing users of the trail terminus and of the potential danger of the area beyond. The trail ends at the veiwing area with the bench. DO NOT GO BEYOND POSTED SIGNS AND CABLE AT THE END OF THE TRIAL- violators may be prosecuted."

"Approximately 50 feet from the veiwing area there is a marked trail to the left. This is Aihualama Trail, which switchbacks up the ridge, through bamboo....

Bamboo lining the beginning of the Aihualama Trail
Photo: C. Tucker

...and offering views of Honolulu and Manoa Valley."

"I can see Diamond Head!"
A view from the Aihualama Trail

Photo: C. Tucker

This trail is steeper and much longer than Manoa Falls Trail. Make sure you are prepared for a longer, more strenuous hike before veering off theManoa Falls trail. Aihualama Trail is not suitable for novice hikers.

For more details, directions to the trailhead and safety information for hikers, visit the Manoa Falls trail site here.

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