Monday, March 15, 2010

Changes for the DOFAW blog...

We wanted to let you know....

The DOFAW blog is making some changes.

We will be transitioning to another blog site:, and will be focusing more exclusively on Environmental Education issues in Hawaii. The new site will be maintained by members of the Hawaii Environmental Education Alliance.

To obtain information about the Division of Forestry and Wildlife in the future, please visit the DOFAW website at

All of the current content from the DOFAW blog has been transitioned to the new site, and we will continue to offer "This Week in Nature" as well as posts and announcements regarding natural resources, native species and EE opportunities and news.

There will be very few major changes to the blog besides the name, so keep tuning in and let us know if there is something you'd like to learn more about. And don't forget to subscribe to the new blog: if you'd like to continue receiving updates!

Thank you for your support and flexibility, we'll see you at!

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