Monday, September 28, 2009

"These Come From Trees" Stickers - free for schools

These Come From Trees Sticker 


The 'These Come From Trees' Education Challenge

A little more than a year ago, an enterprising student from Aragon High School up here in the Bay Area sent an email to us asking if we could provide him with complimentary stickers, as his school might not have the budget to buy stickers (and he, as a student, might not be able to navigate the ins-and-outs of purchasing via the school).

We thought it was a great idea, and not only did we set him up, but we opened up the offer more broadly to any K-12 organization interested. We call it the These Come From Trees Education Challenge.

All we ask is that the interested participant:
  • Figure out how many stickers they need for their school (How many paper towel dispensers in how many bathrooms? How many photocopiers?)
  • Make sure that they get permission from their principal or facilities administrator.
  • Submit your information using this web form to get the ball rolling!
Since then, we've had hundreds of schools reach out to us to take advantage of this challenge. With great success, with reports of up 30% reduction in paper towel usage!"

The idea of "education" is a big piece of These Come From Trees. That is to say, at the end of the day, the individual stickers themselves are a quick, polite piece of instruction that help us all say "Oh, yeah, that's right. How much of these do I really need?" So it only makes sense that 'These Come From Trees' stickers and schools would make a great team!

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  1. I like the idea of encouraging people to save paper. But paper is a renewable resources: trees for making paper are grown as a crop, and paper itself can be recycled. We should use more products made from paper and wood and fewer made from steel, concrete, and plastics!