Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Native Species of the Week - 'Ohai

This beautiful flower belongs to Sesbania tomentosa, or 'Ohai, is a native coastal plant from southwestern Oahu.

Photo: DOFAW

This species appears in several color varieties from yellow to red, and is considered to be a rare plant species in Hawaii.

Photo: DOFAW

You can see 'Ohai along the trail at Kaena Point on Oahu.

Photo: DOFAW

If you visit Kaena Point, make sure you follow the posted instructions and warnings. Staying on the trail helps protect the habitat for these and other rare and special plants!

To learn more about this special plant, visit the Hawaii Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy webpage.

Also, check out the Hawaii Ecosystems At Risk (HEAR) page about Sesbania tomentosa.

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